Changelog & updates

Last updated: May 19th, 2021


2021-06-09 - New module

Voonix Marketplace

Voonix Marketplace contains everything that relates to communication with operators:

OfferHub: With the OfferHub you can let operators know that you are looking for a unique deal for a part of your traffic and ensure that they know the basics of the deal before you both waste time on meetings and IM-communication. In the OfferHub you can set up your offers and note down the URL/position of the offered promotion, your listing fee requirement, your revshare/CPA requirements, the period of the proposed agreement and whether or not you offer a player-delivery-guarantee.

If an operator finds your offer interesting, they have the option of writing you through a newly developed Voonix chat in order to close a deal.

Brand News Post: Find news and potential deals from brands and operators.

Brands: Find information about brands that the operators themselves enter into Voonix.

Chat: Chat directly with the operators.This is the only place within Voonix where operators can contact you directly and they can only do so if you have prompted this through the publication of an offer and only while the offer is live.

2021-06-04 - New script


You can now add your Wynta accounts in Voonix!

2021-05-19 - Script update

MyAffiliates update

We have a new script for MyAffiliates going live. This new version includes two main things to keep an eye on. Firstly we've included new fields/values, you may notice net revenue and other things start to populate in Voonix.

Furthermore we've had the chance to improve it for accounts with multiple tables. This is ideal if you have multiple reward plans where they might have affected each other before. For example if you have one reward plan/table with negatives these are now excluded if there are one or more other tables/plans with positives.

If you experience any weird stats or changes please don't hesitate to let us know!

2021-04-06 - New update

CPA Earnings

The following systems/scripts have been updated to import CPA Income/Commission directly from you reports. No action is required from you, if you notice anything off please let us know.

  • Omarsys
  • Every Matrix
  • Gofiliate
  • Raven
  • Affmore
  • Betwinner
  • Deckmedia
  • Jumpman Partners
  • Total Affiliates
  • Brazpartners
  • Intertops
  • Betnow
  • Slotsvendor

2021-04-06 - New feature

Report column layout

You are now able to select columns visible directly on each individual report.
Reorder columns: simply hold your mouse down and drag a column to the desired position*
Reorder rows: hold and drag on the initial column of the row*

*This does not include daily breakdown due to subdata.

2021-04-06 - New module

Report customization

You are now able to add up to 10 custom columns to you reports. Use the new custom columns for manually inserted data into Voonix.

Read more about the module here

2021-04-06 - New module

Data Monitor

Monitor your data with this new module! Be notified when Sign ups, Deposit value, FTDs, CPAs or Revshare increases or descreases. Enable the module by editing and saving setting within the module. Select your own limits for when you want to be notified.

2021-03-08 - New update

API 2.0

API 2.0 is currently in BETA and subject to change

See more documentation here

2021-02-25 - New module

Campaign module

New module in BETA version to easier manage campaigns in Voonix.

Read more about the module here

2021-01-19 - New update

Sarah Enterprises V2

New script created for the new version of Sarah Enterprises.

2021-01-08 - New update

CVC script update

New update to our GVC script.


2020-12-21 - New script


You can now add V.Partners in Voonix!

2020-12-01 - New update

The new and improved Voonix 3.0!

We are ready for launching the new Voonix 3.0. Read more about the new update here

2020-11-13 - New fix

MyAffiliates missing CPAs when using brand IDs

When splitting hybrids/CPA accounts in MyAffiliates with brand IDs sometimes CPA will be placed under "Unspecified". To import these CPAs into Voonix please add "CPA" under brand extra (on the advertiser) with the brand name in brand ID as normally.

2020-08-07 - New script officially available! (NOTE: Fields missing)

We're now able to import from (Also known as Q). However at this stage only with limited fields, we're working on getting them to expand it.

2020-08-07 - New feature

NEW IMPROVED help center!

We're very excited to present our new and improved help center with many detailed guides and manuals. Including our brand new database of many of our supported affiliate systems!

2020-06-11 - New script

Reward Affiliates

It's always rewarding when we get the chance to expand our product. This time Reward Affiliates becomes available for imports!

2020-06-11 - New script

Reward Affiliates

It's always rewarding when we get the chance to expand our product. This time Reward Affiliates becomes available for imports!

2020-05-27 - New script

PlayAttack can now be imported into Voonix!

Dragonfish import script is now available!

2020-05-25 - New feature

Bulk updating logins

We've heard your prayers, you're now able to bulk update your logins. It works by checking the username and login for matching accounts. Example; Username "Voonix" for "ComeOn" and "Mobilebet" as they both use the same affiliate login.

2020-05-18 - New script


Deckmedia is now available for import!

2020-05-18 - New script

Jumpman Affiliates

Jumpman Affiliates is now available for import!

2020-05-06 - New script


You can now import from RTG, however this script is still in early stages and are subject to change.

2020-05-04 - New feature

Country report

You can now get Country Report taken directly as seen inside the affiliate system! (Only NetRefer brands currently)

2020-04-28 - New script

Active Wins joins the family

Add your Active Wins brands today and get even more out of your Voonix!

2020-04-24 - New feature

NetRefer Brand Splitting (Workaround solution)

This completely changes how NetRefer can be used in Voonix! You are now able to split brands IN SOME CASES in Voonix with NetRefer. If your campaigns are specific to a brand, you'll now be able to set campaigns to one brand, and not the other. Simply go to Advertiser Logins and click edit (under options) for you NetRefer account. You should see a button called "Brand split" click it, and you'll be able to add specific campaigns to only import those for this account!

2020-04-24 - New feature

Help tooltips! (WIP)

Now this is a feature with work in progress, but we're eager to open it, and take feedback. Under "Settings" you can now enable helping tooltips. If enabled, on certain pages you will begin to see help boxes as we expand this further and further.

2020-04-22 - New script


This is probably one of the most requested scripts, and as many of you know we've been doing a lot to get this going. Now we can finally try our first version and hopefully see success.

2020-04-16 - New script


We excited to welcome PoshFriends into Voonix, take a look or contact us for any help! NOTE: CPA Earnings are included in the total earnings, due to their limitations.

2020-03-24 - Optimisation

MyAffiliates script update

We updated MyAffiliates to use OAuth2 per their request, any issues found can be directed to Maja or Alex.

2020-01-30 - New feature

Currencies and hide passwords!

We're very excited for the two latest features. You can now under "Settings" hide affiliate account passwords. Great if you're giving a tour of the system or you just want privacy. Only admins have access to this page. Currencies are also added. This brings your reports closer to home. You can now select your default currency for the entire system, keep in mind it's separated from the dashboard. NOTE: Updating default currency requires cache to be cleared for accurate conversions.

2020-01-30 - New feature

New graph

We've added a new daily graph with averages to help get a quick overview. For most the first might seem way off, but this is due to monthly stats and CPAs in NetRefer

2020-01-27 - New feature

Operator newsfeed

We've added an operator newsfeed to your dashboard, where our partners can list deals you might be interested in

2020-01-07 - New feature

Additional conversion percentages

We've added some brand new conversion percentages to help you get a quicker overview. Under Advertiser Earnings, Site Earnings and Country Earnings you should now see Clicks to Signups (C/SU %), Clicks to FTD (C/FTD %) and lastly Signups to FTD (SU/FTD %). All of these columns can be disabled under your profile by clicking your name in the top left of the menu.


2019-10-14 - New feature

Finance (Beta) makes it to Voonix 2.0

When creating operators/advertiser we now show all finance supported brands (Still in beta).

2019-09-26 - Optimisation

Arrow indicators and backups

We've improved the backup and functionality based around the arrow indications on advertiser earnings overview report, to give a smoother comparison to yesterday.

2019-09-26 - Optimisation

Omarsys daily stats

Omarsys import script have now been updated to daily stats

2019-09-25 - New feature

New improved import scripts

As we keep expanding the amount of systems we import from, we've decided to make it visible and easier for you guys, as they instantly pop up as we finish them.