Voonix 3.0 - 2nd December 2020

Tomorrow (2nd of December) we will begin launching the new Voonix 3.0 update! We have decided to split this upgrade into two parts:

Part 1: New server

On the 2nd of December, we will be moving to a new and improved server, which means you will experience some downtime during this.

You will not notice any changes in the system with the new server initially. This is purely preparation for the large system update in part two.

Part 2: New features and modules

As soon as possible after the server migration (part 1) we will begin deploying the updated version of Voonix including many improvements and new features.

We expect to deploy this within a week from tomorrow. During this there may be a short downtime of the system, you will be notified in advance through in-system notification & news.

Here is a list of the new features, improvements and modules you can look forward to:

Updated menu

The menu has been updated with a slightly new look and collapsable headers.

Daily breakdown

Daily breakdown is a new module where you will be able to see daily statistics for advertisers.

NOTE: Some advertisers only work as monthly stats and will be placed on the first of the given month.

Import script requests

A new module "Import script requests" makes it possible for you to request new import scripts for unsupported affiliate systems.

Duplicate advertisers

When creating a new advertiser you will be able to duplicate from your existing advertisers including the advertiser logins from the selected advertiser.

Template advertisers

When creating a new advertiser you can choose an advertiser from our list of brands with prefilled advertiser information.

NOTE: Please take into account that some brand information may be outdated.

Compare module for advertisers, logins and campaigns

Compare your advertisers, logins and campaigns across two periods.

NOTE: This module will be expanded with the ability to compare sites in the new year.

Customer report In progress

The new customer report imports customer statistics directly into Voonix from Omarsys.

NOTE: We are planning to expand this report with multiple affiliate systems that support this.


As you probably are aware we have made a notification center for some of the most important messages that may require action.

CSV Upload for custom stats

It is now possible to upload custom stats using our CSV uploader.

CSV Upload/Update for advertisers and logins

It is now possible to upload and update advertisers and logins using our CSV uploader.

Single sign-on using Google

Login to your Voonix account using Single sign-on by Google. Configure this under settings using your Google Cloud/Workspace project.