Quick Start Guide

Last updated: August 6th, 2020


This quick start guide will help you get started with the basic use of Voonix. Follow these six easy steps to create your first advertiser, add your account, and import your stats:

Quick Start

Step 1: Create new Advertiser

Go to Advertisers and click Create. You can also uplaod Advertisers with out CSV upload feature. Read more about it here


Step 2: Add required information

Fill out required information for the Advertiser. This is different depending on the affiliate system. Read about the required information for each affiliate system here.

You can fill out information manually or you can use our Template advertiser function. If you already have Advertisers in Voonix, you can also use our Duplicate advertiser function. As mentioned above, you can also use our CSV upload function.

Read more about the different options and information fields here.


Step 3: Go to Advertiser logins

Go to Advertiser logins by clicking on the advertiser name button in the advertiser list or by clicking Advertiser logins in the menu and selecting the advertiser in the dropdown.

Advertisers list

In the list click the Advertiser name (Under Advertisers)

Advertiser logins dropdown

Find the brand in the dropdown and click the select button (Under Advertiser logins)


Step 4: Creating your account in Voonix

Click Create and fill out required information to create your first login. This is different depending on the affiliate system. Read more about the required information here.

Sometimes an API key is required. It depends on the affiliate system. See what affiliate system requires an API key here.


You can also add Advertiser logins by using our CSV upload function. Read more here.

Step 5: Manually getting your first stats imported

Click Import stats on your advertiser logins page to manually import stats for the current month

Note: stats gets automatically imported for the current month ever hour and last month at specific times. See FAQ for more information.


Step 6: Seeing your stats in Voonix

When the import is done running go to Advertiser Earnings and enjoy your stats!


Note that you may need to clear cache.


Missing stats?

Make sure there are stats on the account, and check for account errors on Advertiser Logins page. If neither helps don't hesitate to contact us at Voonix.